OwnCloud is a sync tool that aims to address the primary issue with the well-known online storage service: It gives you a quick and easy way to manage all of your documents online and simultaneously introduces new security features.

The fact that ownCloud lets your company (or workgroup) host the data center gives it more security because administrators can control how data flows through it and manage everything related to information security.

OwnCloud, in contrast to Dropbox, lets each network user sync as many local folders as they need to automatically back up all of their data. It only takes a few seconds to open the user interface and select the folders.

OwnCloud, like Dropbox, lets you organize your folders, download your files, and even view them online from a tab in your web browser.

ownCloud is a backup and synchronization tool for files that can be particularly beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses. Not only is it adaptable and useful, but it is also very safe.